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Complex energy management with predictive algorithms

Energy management systems & remote terminal units

What EnergoStation EMS + RTU solves

Co děláme

Who we are

We are a technology company focused on supporting commercial customers in order to reduce their energy costs and reduce the production of CO2 emissions.


To achieve these goals, EnergoStation uses the iCOOL4 software platform in combination with a set of dedicated and optimized technical devices.


EnergoStation offer also includes battery systems that are integrated in the iCOOL4 platform and optimized for the most favorable ROI.

Thanks to the unique integration of technologies and functionalities, EnergoStation enables analysis and prediction of consumption, management of energy resources, predictive monitoring and maintenance.


Two in one, EMS with RTU

The installation of PV plants above 100 kW requires their performance to be managed by the distribution system operator. At the same time, there is a need to control PV plants in case of negative energy prices, or when reserved capacity is exceeded, and these functions are provided by EMS.


For this reason, we have combined EMS and RTU into one device, significantly reducing the overall purchase price and at the same time significantly simplifying their integration.

EnergoStation's Energy Management System (EMS) also effectively manages the integrated Battery Storage (ESS), creating a functional platform to maximize the benefits.

Our projects

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EMS integrated into a storage container

PV factories

Integration and control of the existing and new PV plant

EnergoStation EMS & RTU

EMS & RTU, complete control and regulation

EnergoStation EMS & RTU

EnergoStation standard products for easy integration

Funkcionality EnergoStation

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