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Energy accumulation control

The machine learning algorithms of the iCOOL4 system calculate and plan the most efficient use of energy according to a number of factors. Battery storage allows these outputs and commands to be used in the most optimal way, when storing and using the energy.

Use of SPOT energy prices

Consumption at low prices

We can move the power of devices with deferred consumption or accumulation to cheaper hours, thereby ensuring a significant reduction in energy costs.

Selling at high prices

The surplus of produced or stored energy can be sold during the energy peak and thereby increase the return on the PV plant and the ESS.

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Own energy

We use battery storage to store excess or cheap energy. This energy can be used or sold when it is scarce or at high prices.


Peak compensation

Production operations are characterized by peak consumption, which can be compensated by battery storage without the need to increase the reserved capacity.

Integrated turnkey solutions with battery storage 

We deliver our EMS system including battery storage with a capacity of 100kWh to 1 MWh and a power of 50 to 500 kW. 

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Turnkey battery storage


An economically interesting battery storage solution that can be placed in the suitable spaces thanks to the interconnection of battery racks and inverters.

Exterior & containers

For outdoor use, the battery storage can be supplied in a free-standing container, which is developed for control of the inside environment and fire safety.


  • Storage of produced energy from PV plants (preferably at negative prices)

  • Consumption compensation according to the price of current and stored energy

  • Consumption compensation for maintaining the reserved capacity (peak shaving)

  • Buying and selling from the GRID according to the hourly energy price (SPOT)

  • Sale of energy from PV plants at the highest hourly price

  • Predictive algorithm of PV consumption and production

  • Flexibility – the ability to engage in trade variance or performance balance management

  • Communities - storage usage by multiple subscriptions

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