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EMS Compact

Solution for smaller PV plants, municipalities enabling the energy sharing within communities 


Creation of active

consumption points

  • An active customer sharing electricity must have an active take-off point

  • If the customer does not control his consumption or accumulation, he is not a benefit to the community

  • An active consumption point will ensure optimal use of energy and allow flexibility to be provided

  • It provides a detailed overview of energy flows

What will an active consumption point bring?

  • Activates consumption during PV production or low prices (heating/cooling, EV charging, etc.)

  • Reduces consumption during congestion or high prices

  • It will enable energy sharing within Energy Communities

  • It will enable the provision of business or performance flexibility for a fee

  • It records and graphically displays the energy flows within the consumption point

  • It replaces an energy worker who works 7 days a week and 96 quarter hours a day


An example of connecting an active point of consumption

  • Control unit with measurement

  • Controlled devices

    • PV and battery storage

    • Electromobility

    • Heating/cooling

    • DHW heating

  • Local energy management

    • Utilization of produced energy

    • SPOT prices

    • Reserved power/power

System EnergoStation

HW EnergoStation Compact

  • Energy management up to 99 kW

  • Activation or disconnection of the load

  • Control based on energy SPOT prices

  • Reserved input/power

  • PV management

  • Control of inverter and battery storage up to 100 kWh (extendable)

  • Proportional control of 3f storage tank heating

  • EV charger control with added MID (billing) meter

  • In case of installation over 100 kW, we offer our EMS Standard including the RTU

EnergoStation compact

EMS Compact ROI within the consumption point

Save up to 20 %

  • SPOT prices

Save up to 30 %

  • FVE

  • SPOT prices

Save up to 50 %

  • FVE

  • SPOT prices

  • Energy sharing

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