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The EnergoStation platform

The base of the platform is software, whose algorithm works with weather data, load prediction and EV charging, operational behavior of the given location and variable price tariffs, from which it subsequently evaluates and plans the most efficient use of energy and ROI.

Hardware with control unit

The HW with the control unit is another key element of EnergoStation at the point of use, connected to local energy sources and consumption, sending automatic commands generated by the software. HW enables software commands to be implemented efficiently and on time. HW can be easily installed and integrated.

EnergoStation HW
Application and dashboard

The cloud solution of the application and graphic superstructure allows the user to monitor energy activities, it also serves as a service tool for effective monitoring of connected systems. From remote monitoring, planning, downloading measurement and savings data, analysis of energy sources, consumption statistics and alarms.

EMS EnergoStation means ROI acceleration

Real example, comparable consumption points at the same day,  differently equipped

Installation with FVE, 100% of costs
Installation with FVE+EMS,
cost at 36%
Installation with FVE+EMS+ESS,
cost at 9%
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