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PV plants control

The connection of a PV plant above 100 kW is conditioned by the inclusion of the distribution system operator monitoring. The distributor is as well authorized to control power and other parameters during emergency, in order to stabilize the distribution and network.


RTU with price function

Dispatch management

Innovative solution for monitoring and control of PV plants by distribution system operators. The advantage of the solution is the price function, which prevents the energy overflow to the distribution system at their negative selling prices.

Reserved power

Power management of PV plants limits their output, so that the agreed maximum reserved power is not exceeded. This protects our clients from unwanted costs for exceeding these limits.

Control of PV plants must not happen based on the distribution requirement, but also based on the energy selling price. During the excess of energy, the hourly sales price drops to negative values. At this point, it is advisable to ensure the consumption of produced energy or the reduction of PV plan power, so that there are no overflows into the distribution system at negative energy prices, generating additional costs.

Control of photovoltaics

Consumption coverage

You will achieve maximum use of your own produced energy by simultaneous production and consumption. We control energy-important appliances according to the immediate surplus of energy.

Power regulation

In case of negative energy prices or instability of the distribution network, it is necessary to reduce the output of the production plant. Thus, we add a price function to dispatch management (RTU).

Cogeneration units

The situation is similar for other energy generation devices, and the most common after PV are cogeneration units. Due to the different course of power control, slightly different signals and commands are transmitted, compared to the PV plant dispatch control.


​The advantage of our RTU lies in the possibility of easy expansion to a full-fledged corporate EMS system, without the need to install additional HW.

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