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What is EnergoStation?

EnergoStation is a set of technical devices that together significantly reduce the energy costs of the point of consumption. The core of EnergoStation is the energy management system (EMS), which monitors energy flows and creates a prediction of the future energy balance of the consumption point based on measured data, daylight forecast and hourly price recovery. EMS achieves savings by managing energy-important devices such as factories, battery storage or important appliances.


Thanks to predictive algorithms, energy is consumed at maximum self-production or lowest cost. In this way, the maximum use is made of postponable consumption, which is supplemented by battery storage that fully utilizes the EnergoStation function. The entire EnergoStation system is made of safe and reliable TECOMAT FOXTROT industrial automation components with iCOOL 4 superstructure. Likewise, all technical equipment is highly reliable using components from renowned manufacturers.


iCOOL 4 is an environment for fast and standardized implementation of EnergoStation. At the same time, it enables easy functionality updates and provides integration into the graphical superstructure and other applications through the REST API.

EnergoStation reduces energy dependency and energy costs with the following solutions.

Our solutions


PV Management

Dispatching control of PV plants above 100 kW with price function.



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EMS system with battery storage with a capacity of 100 kWh to 1 MWh and a power of 50 to 500 kW.



Electric Charging Station_edited.jpg

EMS system with charging stations AC up to 22 kW or DC 25 kW up to 400 kW.

Our innovative energy management combines photovoltaic power plants, battery storage and electromobility into one efficient ecosystem. The main goal is to optimize the use of solar energy and increase energy efficiency. We achieve this using predictive algorithms that analyze expected electricity consumption, daylight forecasts and current SPOT electricity prices.


Thanks to this intelligent management, we make maximum use of the production of photovoltaic power plants for our own consumption or store it in battery storage for subsequent use. In addition, this energy can also be used to charge electric cars, which increases sustainability and reduces transport costs.


Overall, we provide an integrated system that maximizes the use of renewable energy, reduces the load on the electricity grid and generates savings for our clients.


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For complex projects, it is possible to create dashboards exactly as required by the user. The advantage is quick access to complex data from multiple projects. The graphic extension supports most types of graphs and data it is possible to export, for example, to the Excel application.


Our dashboards are intuitive and clear, displaying key metrics, device status and current events. This allows operators to easily monitor performance, identify potential problems and make adjustments in real time. In this way, we increase the efficiency, reliability and security of the systems that our graphical interface supports.

About us

We are a team of experienced experts and project managers who specialize in solving complex problems in the field of photovoltaic power plants, battery storage and electromobility. With our extensive technical know-how, strategic thinking and project management skills, we are able to identify the optimal solution and ensure its successful implementation. We are your partner for the future of energy and mobility.

Key team members


Zdenek Zatloukal


Barbora Kallerova.png

Barbora Kallerová

Product Management

Jiří Vogl_gb.png

Jiří Vogl


Foto ES 11_edited.jpg

Petr Čapka


Foto ES 10_edited.jpg

Petr Jindráček



Barbora Plánková

Project Management


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