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EnergoStation Storage

Is a battery storage with a capacity 100 kWh up 1MWh and power of 50 to 500 kW including the BMS a EMS

Interior solution

An economically interesting battery storage solution that can be placed in corresponding rooms thanks to interconnected battery racks and inverters.

Image of a battery energy storage system consisting of several lithium battery modules pla

Container solution

For outdoor use, the battery storage can be delivered in a free-standing container, which is modified for stabilization of the indoor environment and fire safety.

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Storage parameters 

264 kW

108 kWh

216 kWh

324 kWh

432 kWh

540 kWh

88 kW

176 kW

352 kW

440 kW

The function

  • Storage of produced energy from PV plants (preferably at negative prices)

  • Consumption compensation according to the price of current and stored energy

  • Consumption compensation for maintaining the reserved capacity (peak shaving)

  • Buying and selling zGRID according to the hourly energy price (SPOT)

  • Sale of energy from FVE at the highest hourly price

  • Predictive algorithm of PV consumption and production

  • Flexibility – the ability to engage in trade variance or performance balance management

  • Communities - storage usage by multiple subscriptions

Capacity and power

EnergoStation Storage is delivered in these basic capacity and performance versions. BMS and EMS are always included

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