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Energy management with predictive AI

Energy management systems & Dispatch control

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Management of PV plants

There is seemingly no need to manage factories, but it is necessary to minimize supply when selling prices are negative, and the same is true when providing business flexibility. We already offer these functionalities within our RTU.

Consumption management

You will fundamentally reduce your energy costs by activating consumption at the moment of your own production or low prices. By managing consumption, it will not be necessary to invest too much in expensive storage. The solution also includes RTU functionality, which enables real regulation of the system.

Accumulation management

You can further improve your energy balance by storing produced or cheap energy in batteries or heat. You can offer storage as a product while providing flexibility, all combined with power management and RTU functionality.

EnergoStation EMS and RTU two in one

The construction of production plants above 100 kW requires their performance to be managed by the distribution system operator. At the same time, however, there is a need to manage factories even when prices are negative or when reserved capacity is exceeded, and these functions are provided by EMS.

For this reason, we combined EMS and DŘ into one device, thereby significantly reducing the overall purchase price and at the same time significantly simplifying their connection.

The entire EnergoStation system is created from safe and reliable TECOMAT FOXTROT industrial automation components

with iCOOL 4 superstructure.


Solar Panels

Consumption coverage

You will achieve maximum use of your own produced energy by simultaneous production and consumption. We control energy-important appliances according to the immediate surplus of energy.

Performance reduction

In case of negative energy prices or instability of the distribution network, it is necessary to reduce the output of the production plant. Thus, we add a price function to dispatch management.

Use of hourly SPOT prices


Consumption at low prices

We can move the power of devices with deferred consumption or accumulation to cheaper hours, thereby ensuring a significant reduction in energy costs.

Selling at high prices

The surplus of produced or stored energy can be sold during the energy peak and thereby increase the return on the production plant and the battery.

Battery storage

Battery storage

Own energy

We use battery storage to store excess or cheap energy. This energy can be used or sold when it is scarce or at high prices.

Peak compensation

Production operations are characterized by peak consumption, which can be compensated by battery storage without the need to increase the reserved capacity.

Reserved power and capacity

Peak shaving

Reserved power

Disconnecting or reducing the power of important appliances will ensure the protection of the circuit breaker against the equipment without increasing the reserved input power.

Reserved capacity

Control of groups of appliances will make it possible to reduce the reserved 15 min. capacity to a minimum without the risk of sanctions from electricity distributors.

Energy services

Community energy


Controlling important appliances or battery will help to reduce trader deviation or transmission network stability. By engaging in flexibility, you get favorable conditions or additional income.


New legislation is coming that will enable the use of energy in communities with different consumption and production patterns. Provide or, on the contrary, it will use its energy more advantageously.

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Everything under control, own application, PLC configurator, dashboard and hardware
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About us

We are a team of experienced experts and project managers who specialize in solving complex problems in the field of photovoltaic power plants, battery storage and electromobility. With our extensive technical know-how, strategic thinking and project management skills, we are able to identify the optimal solution and ensure its successful implementation. We are your partner for the future of energy and mobility.

Key people in our team

Zdenek Zatloukal

Zdenek Zatloukal


Barbora Kallerová

Barbora Kallerová


Petr Capka

Petr Capka

Sales Manager

Jiří Vogl

Jiří Vogl


Barbora Plánková

Barbora Plánková

Supply Chain Manager

Petr Jindraček

Petr Jindraček


Jiří Bouma

Jiří Bouma

Business Development Manager


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