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EnergoStation Emobility 

Is a charging solution combined with a battery storage, including the BMS a EMS

AC 11kW to 22kW

Our AC charging station protects the main circuit breaker from overload and offers the option of charging only when there is sufficient PV production or low hourly prices

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DC 25kW to 400kW

DC charging stations enable charging using energy from battery storage. This increases the charging speed and at the same time enables operation even in locations with insufficient reserved power

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As the number of electric vehicles increases, so do the demands on their charging. It is not a problem to build one charging station. The problem can arise when several stations or several dozens of stations are needed. The current residential as well as commercial construction is not ready for a jump increase in the required performance. The problem can be the capacity of the distribution network, the technical parameters of the connection such as the cross-sections of the supply cables or the electrical installation infrastructure.


The electromobility solution from a comprehensive point of view means ensuring high-quality proportionally controllable AC and DC charging stations, installing a suitable alternative source, suitably sized battery storage and, last but not least, a reliable control system.


As part of the charging infrastructure built in this way, all types of charging can be operated – non-public and public, but also semi-public, where some non-public stations can also be used as public ones.

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